thule bike rack

You won't ever see a professional cyclist hauling their bike around at the back of an automobile or attached with a hitch car bike rack. Almost without exception, Lance and the ones like him haul their gear from place to place using bike racks by one of the main manufacturers in the world: Thule. Luckily, you don't need to be considered a competitor in the Tour de France to enjoy the advantages provided by a Thule bike carrier. An easy task to install and reasonable for grab, a Thule bike rack enables anyone to clean up their bike in minutes and leave for adventure.

thule bike rack

Unlike a hitch car bike rack, roof racks are thought superior by a lot of for their capability to store bikes up and taken care of. Keeping your entire gear from your visual view, a bike roof rack also features the added bonus of freeing up the area behind your vehicle without blocking accessibility trunk or rear compartment, out of the box usually the case with hitch-mounted racks.

A roof rack provides convenience and safety, enabling you to easily transport all of your recreational gear back and forth from your destination while leaving extra leg room inside the cab. High-quality roof racks, like Thule roof racks, are forged from steel tubing and able to providing strength to to 300 lbs of distributed weight. The cradles accommodate practically all kinds of bike besides tandems, recumbents, tricycles or unicycles. But, until you run around with oversize shoes, a bright blue wig along with a giant red nose, nearly all of those won't matter to you personally anyway. Plus, unlike fork-mount bike racks, you don't need to remove your front tire to make use of Thule roof racks.

Thule roof racks contain all of the necessary hardware for a fast and simple installation. They're carried out in a black-powder coating resistant to corrosion to supply a long life of reliable wear. Thule roof racks are designed for simple loading and serious stability, keeping your gear locked in place with the use of a strong clamp arm that grabs on to your downtube while the cradles strap your wheels firmly in place. Best of all, the clamps are situated right at rack level, preventing you against having to climb up the medial side of the vehicle to obtain your bike up or down.

thule bike rack

A motorcycle carrier works with just about any cargo carrier system and is also personally-tailored to your specific make, model and year to provide a custom fit.


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